Zune sync updating

These errors can happen when software components or updates are required by the Zune software for installation, but they aren't available on your computer or included in the basic download.

To fix the problem, try the following solutions: For a more complete list of system requirements, see Computer requirements for Zune Music Video. Then, click Run in the File Download dialogue box and follow the steps in this wizard.

If Windows Update is disabled, you must manually install Windows Update.

To do this, go to Microsoft Knowledge Base article 949104.

You can also free up some disk space by running the Disk Cleanup wizard.

Click on "Settings." Make sure the "Software" tab is selected. Select the location where the music is stored that you want to automatically update to your collection. To automatically upload all of the music files in your collection, select "All music" under "Smart sync." To add individual songs, select "Music I choose" under smart sync.

Click "OK."To add songs manually, navigate to the Zune music that you want to add.

To sync songs with the "Smart sync" options selected, make sure that the songs that you want uploaded are in the correct folder.

Then, click on the Zune icon to add music to the Zune device.

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