Ye olde dating game episode

When Raven accidentally gets Victor fired from his job, she disguises herself as an international star named Liz Anya(lasagne - pun intended) to "sweet talk" the restaurant's manager and clientele about Victor. Raven closes the show by saying "Merry Christmas From My Family To Yours" to the viewers.

Raven has a vision that her parents are going to "split up", so she tries desperately to stop her vision from happening by creating a parody of their first date.

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Chelsea has hallucinations whenever she says Sam's name, and she imagines her dog's head on her new boyfriend's body. Little do they know that the cookbook is already out, and Cory had just been wheedling treats out of them. Meanwhile, Chelsea and Eddie cause trouble at their own jobs.

Guest Stars: Jeremy Ray Valdez as Ricky, Shayna Fox as Tracie, Kirsten Storms as Nicki), Rachel Curtis as Student Misunderstood, Raven foresees her crush, Gabriel, wanting her to be his girlfriend.

Meanwhile, with Chelsea as the Queen for the "Renaissance Dance", her power gets a bit out of control.

Raven and her arch-enemy, Nikki, are throwing parties at the same night.

However, Nikki sends an e-mail to the entire student body to announce that Raven's party would take place a week before her real party, thus embarrassing Raven when the party-goers barge into her house when she has a mudmask on.

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