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I don't mind paying for things, or treating my boyfriend to a meal...on my own accord, but I think it's very unromantic for a man to expect a woman to pay for her meal on the date.Their language is so guttural and their accent unattractive...I keep thinking of Arnold Swazzernegger circa the late 80s, even though I am well aware he was from Austria (same difference! Generally, the Germans are notorious for not having a sense of humour because they take everything too literally. Lack of laughter aside, this one was so unromantic, he bought me some Lush Soap from a business trip away.When he arrived back in Singapore on my birthday, he presented it to me, in a pre-wrapped pink bow.

To top it off, you've got to love a man in a kilt, and what's under it!But I don't like dating Swedish men because of their mindset.Gender equality is deeply ingrained in Swedish culture.Plus, who wouldn't lust after a charming European accented foreigner after listening to Gerard Butler in the movie P. They open doors, they insist on paying for dates, paying for your taxi ride home if they cannot see you home themselves and they tend to leave generous tips (for the waiter, not me! Most (if not, all) of my American male friends are absolute gentlemen.They also make interesting company because they are boisterous and easy going.

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