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On the same note, pair couldn’t stop cuddling, holding hands and explore every chunk of PDA.Similarly, the source leaked that the duo was in preparation for a confidential relationship in the beginning.No matter what the world thinks of him, Snoddy clearly thinks the world of Paris. "They really like each other," a source told Page Six.His Instagram is wallpapered with lovey dovey photos and notes about his "best friend." She's "as smooth as Tennessee Whisky" and "one of the most incredible women I've ever met!

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In 2013, as a young teen, she entered a treatment program after reportedly trying to kill herself.His name is Michael Snoddy, and he's a total 180 from her ex, Beverly Hills soccer jock Chester Castellaw.Tabloid busybodies have been digging up the deets on Paris' new paramour. Any man who takes a liking to Paris will face accusations that he's after her inheritance.Her heavily inked drummer bae clearly approved of that one, posting a photo on his Instagram with the caption, " #mygirlfriendsradderthanyours." Paris may be absorbing some of Snoddy's Southern pride as well, because she deployed some very non-Cali vocab in a Twitter post about her lip tat: "…y'all have been my favorite since I was 12," she told Crüe drummer Tommy Lee.Paris celebrated her 18th birthday in April 2016, but her relationship with the 26-year-old Snoddy kicked off while she was legally still a kid.

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