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And probably its right, because after some time of this story, Emily came up in media with some other boyfriend.

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Viewing the Tom Cruise ex-wives, then thrice time he tied wedding knot.

De Mille award for lifetime achievement at the 2018 Golden Globes Sunday night, all eyes were on her, including those of her lifelong partner, Stedman Graham.

His love and support for the media mogul have never wavered, even as reports of a potential presidential run in 2020 begin to pick up steam.

For years, people have marveled at our friendship—and sometimes misunderstood it. The boundless positive outlook; the more-is-more approach to necklaces; the love of a great burger, a warm doughnut, a cupcake with yellow frosting; the apparent familiarity with every pop/rap/country/R&B song on Apple or Spotify; the endless curiosity—that’s my Gayle.

But anyone who has a soulful bond with a friend, a friend who would do anything for you, who revels in your happiness and is there to comfort you in your sadness, gets it exactly. It’s why people often introduce their best friends to me as “She’s my Gayle.”Gayle is having a rising moment right now. Her bag is stuffed with articles she’s saved or tidbits she’s torn out to share with me. She delights in devouring information that is culturally relevant. The fact that she’s experiencing such recognition and success for doing what she’s always loved fills me with pride and joy. And no matter how many ventures or adventures we undertake—whatever life has to offer—we’ll be in each other’s corner.

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