Who is olivia benson dating 2016

Although they’re rarely part of the main plot, once in a while one sneaks into the story line.At the end of the day, it’s quite clear that Benson doesn’t need a man.In season 15, Detective Benson was promoted to Sergeant. In the SVU episode called 'Savior' (season 11, episode 14),a fearful witness runs away leaving a Detective Benson a power of attorney over her baby daughter who is sick in the hospital. In the SVU episode called 'Trophy' (season 12, episode 7) a drug addicted witness named Vivian Arliss transfers custody of her son Calvin to Olivia Benson. Of the episodes that I remember: Fault, Olivia gets her neck slit, she is bleeding pretty badly.

He then used that stolen information for a front-page scoop. Benson and York’s relationship happened off-camera before the series begins.Christopher Meloni (Elliot Stabler) has left the cast for other opportunities in movies and TV; Mariska Hargitay (Olivia Benson) will be diminishing her role to spend more time with her family. They will be replaced by new ones, and the show will continue, although this may be its…Yes, in season 9, episode 17, called 'Authority', Robin Williams is featured as a really creepy guy who kidnaps Olivia to play mind games with Elliot. This episode is based on a real life crime spree, some of which was caught by security surveillance cameras of the fast food restaurants that were targeted. NCIS: 10 things I want to happen before Di Nozzo leaves I’m not the only one.Throughout the show’s extensive run, Benson has had many, many love interests.

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