Who is nicole murphy dating now

Moreover, we can found that she is living a luxurious life as shown on social networking sites.

Her photos show that she is wearing expensive clothes and spending her time in a luxurious hotel.

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A screaming match allegedly went down with accusations of cheating being thrown around.

She frequently travels and enjoying her rich lifestyle.

Similarly, her ex-husband net worth is around million with a massive salary. Nicole is the former wife of Hollywood star Eddie Murphy.

Another source close to the couple tells us that Nicole believes Michael could have jumped to these conclusions simply because he possibly could be doing the same thing in New York when Nicole is not there.

If you recall, Nicole was the lead video girl (screenshot above) in a very steamy video recently with a new artist of the same name. He then, according to our source, informed Nicole that he needed a break, and the two have not spoken since.

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