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Not only is it expensive, but it also takes a lot of time and can be physically demanding for the eggs, making it even more important for doctors to use multiple eggs.

So Nadya decided to take on board the doctor’s advice and place multiple eggs inside her uterus.

Once the egg has been fertilized and the cells have been divided over the course of a few days, the zygote is ready to be inserted back into the mother’s body.

The pregnancy naturally progresses after the embryo is in the woman’s uterus.

Despite becoming more and more popular with time, IVF doesn’t have a 100% success rate.

But then, something completely out of the ordinary and turned their lives upside down.Despite discussing ways to solve the problem, Nadya and Marcos ultimately couldn’t see eye to eye on the matter.The last straw came when Nadya suggested the use of in vitro fertilization (IVF), which Marcos had no interest in doing.According to sources close to the Octomom, looks like she’s only got two weeks to move out.However, she doesn’t have enough money to actually buy a house where she can let her fourteen children live.

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