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At all.” Dodd was not going to have that breakup ruin her vacation and she celebrate her newly single status by singing “Another One Bites the Dust” by Queen. Later on, Dodd made her break up even more official by dedicated a few caring words to her ex-boyfriend. , a newly single Kelly Dodd dated around with a "bench full" of love interests.Now, she's ditched them all for one starting player.

Got the memo.” “I thought giving you a gift over his desk was very cold and odd.

Nevertheless, if Instagram is any indication, their relationship should provide some interesting content on Season 14.

One of the few posts that did not get deleted was a video that Kelly shared on January 19 of a yacht day with Kelly, Brian, and some of Kelly's friends.

Although that relationship is now over, Dodd has already found herself a new man.

viewers met him during the second episode of the show.

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