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The sisters’ encountered challenges when their father wanted them to take things slow and focus more on their studies rather than the game, but this, however, was not fruitful.

Further, seeing the amount of racial discrimination encountered by his daughters at the academy, Richard withdrew Venus and her sister from the academy and started coaching them at home.

Williams also took part in 3 mixed doubles competition and won two out of the three.

Furthermore, the star athlete Venus Williams became the first woman to win an Olympic Gold medal both in singles and doubles competition with her sister since 1924. The young athlete has had a successful career, she also encountered injuries and health challenges in the course of her career. Open, Venus withdrew from the game following a diagnosis of Sjogren’s syndrome. The illness is an auto-immune disorder that causes fatigue and joint pain which affected Venus.

She has recorded tremendous successes in her career which makes her the second highest paid tennis player in the world.

Her excellent skills and a great performance which consistently improved has kept her standing high where she is today.Venus has bagged numerous awards and titles including four Olympic Gold Medals and seven Grand Slam Titles.For the records, she was the first Black-American to have ranked No 1 by the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA).As a matter of fact, their father had no experience in the game of tennis but he was able to read books and watched videos in order to guide them on the court.Venus Williams started her career at the age of 14, she’s got great skills that made her stand out like a pro and she played her first official game at the bank of West Classic in California.

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