Who is dating demi moore

Her most successful film to date was the supernatural romantic melodrama Ghost, where she had earned over 5 million.

Through the sources, it has been said that she had a chunk of her hip was airbrushed out of a photograph used on the cover of an American magazine.Demi went to Fairfax High School in in Los Angeles, California. She had co-written three songs with Freddy Moore and appeared in the music video for their “It’s Not a Rumor,” performed by his band The Nu Kats.In the same year, she had also appeared in the adult’s magazine Oui, taken from a photo session in which she had posed nude.So what’s Moore been up to in the romance department?According to the Daily Mail and other tabloids, the 56-year-old “Ghost” actress has been quietly dating Serbian-born stylist Masha Mandzuka.

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