Who is anthony kiedis dating now Taiwan adult

The Internet was abuzz last night about Anthony Kiedis, who gave a rockin’ performance alongside Bruno Mars Sunday night in the Super Bowl halftime show.There was even more talk about how the 51-year-old Red Hot Chili Peppers front man, who was shirtless for the number, looked so youthful, as seen in the Buzz Feed photo essay “You’ll Never Guess Hold Old Anthony Kiedis Is.”Maybe that's how he can be dating someone much younger -- 30 years younger.The band produced its various albums like The Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Uplift Mofo Party Plan, Mother’s Milk and Blood Sugar Sex Magik.Blood Sugar Sex Magik album became an instant success and gave the band worldwide recognition.Anthony’s parents divorced when he was little and hence he was raised by his mother and step-father.Anthony was always charmed by his father’s Hollywood persona and when he turned 12 he moved in with his father.Though a good student throughout his school life he had to drop out of college because of his drug habits.

Kiedis father was a struggling Hollywood actor who experimented with drugs regularly.

They have also been nominated for People’s choice awards, USA twice.

Individually Anthony Kiedis has been awarded the George and Ira Gershwin award for Lifetime Musical achievement in 2015.

His main source of income has been from the sale of various albums he wrote and sang for Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Most of the albums like Blood Sugar Sex Magik have sold millions of copies worldwide.

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