Who has erin burnett dating

Her immaculate dress up and the pretty face make her a desirable personality to watch on screen.Concerning her online presence, she has a huge fan following who follow her on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.On using the term “serial killer” in regards to a report about the plans of Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to kill Australian feral camels by spending millions of dollars for aerial shooting, she came into limelight.The plan was referred to as "camelcide" by Erin and she later subsided the issue by referring to it as a joke.

She also appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, and NBC Nightly News as well as NBC's Meet the Press, Today etc.

Erin’s career has basically focused on reporting issues and eye-opening cases regarding the economy and the style of living of countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Tunisia, Iran, Turkey, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Yemen, Palestinian Territories as well as Pakistan.

Burnett is also a member of Council on Foreign Relations.

As a sports enthusiast during her undergraduate years, she actively played lacrosse and field hockey.

Erin started her career as a financial analyst for Goldman Sachs in the investment banking division.

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