Whitelabeldating scam

This is a dating service for people in the United Kingdom. Some of the sites connected to Shag Hunt include, Casual No Strings.com, Love2uk, Senior Kissing Gates.com, Singles Near.me, Fifty Any evidence we find will be included in our investigation that you can read below.

This was aired in November 2012 on Channel 4, thanks to this website and other review sites, see the video about Global Personals here: I too am tired of payents from my account over the last 12 months.As with all our other reviews we never uploaded a single photograph or filled out any personal information when we created our dating profile.This is done for a specific reason and that reason being that no women would bother contacting, emailing or sending instant messages to a guy who doesn't have any pictures or info on his profile.I joined Global Personals on 14th June 2013 id 21055004 was issued to me an amount of R495.00 was deducted from my bank account within 5 minutes.When I tried to axcess my profile I was unsuccssfull.

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