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Our single state databases do the same, but are exclusive to a specific state. Our team of experienced researchers will provide a comprehensive criminal search containing information on felony and/or available misdemeanor offenses located at the county seat for the previous 7-10 years at the county level. Create a safe work environment by identifying if your candidate has committed a sex crime. Simply provide us with the applicant's and organization's information and we'll take care of the rest! Search your applicant’s profile information located within different social media platforms.Searches are based on name and date of birth and include both felony and misdemeanor convictions for the past 7-10 years. The county criminal history search is a manual, physical examination of a person's criminal history report from the court seat in any U. Our real time national database of sex offender registries includes all U. Our analyst generated report of the top 10 most popular social media sites can help you uncover unknown information about your candidate.Includes sites identified to be used for command & control servers (callhome, C2) by malware running on infected computers.Includes sites of web-based chat and instant message servers. Our MVRs contain the dates and descriptions of any violations, license suspensions and/or license revocations. Identify aliases and counties where applicants reside. Our sex offender search is included in all of our multi-state database searches. Obtain fast, consistent reporting with direct access to driving records.

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Includes sites of fashion or glamor magazines, online beauty products, and cosmetics.

Includes sites for museums, galleries, artist sites (sculpture, photography, etc.), performing arts (theater, vaudeville, opera, symphonies, etc.), dance companies, studios, and training; book reviews and promotions; and variety magazines and poetry.

Includes sites of weblogs (blogs), newsgroups, and opinion or discussion forums.

We also offer random drug testing management at no additional charge. Search your candidate's background information in different countries. We offer many services, including license verifications, OIG and GSA exclusions lists, and information from FDA and DEA sources, to help verify that your applicant is qualified to work in the healthcare industry. Reviewing a tenant's past criminal history is critical when deciding on the right tenant for your property.

We offer multiple types of international screening services for many different countries. We offer services allowing you to review your applicant's criminal history, as well as their credit history and search for any previous rental property infractions.

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