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They also told them that we were armed robbers, carvers, and prostitutes.They would even go as far as telling the Americans that there is nothing in Benin City, only mud houses and bushes.

The point here is that those who build on their history tell other what to do and control vast wealth in all the lands, but those who wonder or question their past, are the slaves that depend on the former for sustenance.

When she arrived, she passed her quiz by telling me that she saw the BRIGHT OF BENIN.

I then asked her why a Nigerian would think so lowly of Benin City (capital of the Benin Empire that went from the west of eastern Nigeria to as far as Ghana), but the Europeans they worship so much would label the entire coast of western Africa after Benin.

This was not her fault, because even the WAZOBIA teachers in my primary school in Benin City always taught this to us whenever we had to draw the map of Nigeria.

I also told her that the Benin Republic was named Benin in 1975 because it was a former colony of the Benin Empire, and that the Bright of Benin has been there since the 16 century on ancient European maps.

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