Vs2016 designer file not updating

In the early alpha release, the SDK was a Nu Get package that had to be restored before a . NET Core and Docker (Preview)” workload, and it is consumed directly by MSBuild without requiring a package restore.

We are investigating further improvements to the SDK attribute feature, such as support for third party SDKs and specifying which version of an SDK is required. NET Core projects now use the simplified csproj syntax. NET Core projects using the previous release of Visual Studio 2017 RC, then you need to update the csproj file to the simplified syntax by hand editing the project file.

In the simplified csproj syntax, notice that the SDK is no longer a package reference, instead it is now a project attribute.

This attribute signifies the set of tooling which defines the type of the project and is used to build and run it. Now, we preinstall the tooling when you install Visual Studio 2017 RC with the “.

For an up to date list of issues that we are working on, please see our Git Hub page.

CLI enhancements Thanks for trying out this latest update of Visual Studio 2017!

Summary This update contains many enhancements and bug fixes to the early alpha we released with Visual Studio 2017 RC.

Despite this great progress, it is still a preview.

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