Vs 2016 updating intellisense

I just reinstalled my computer but did not save the nk2-file to maintain my Auto Complete list so now no addresses show up when writing in the To-line.

Is there any way I can quickly fill Auto Complete with all my contacts at once instead of waiting for the list to rebuild itself again?

In the VB Editor, you can begin to type any word, reference, or variable and then press As you type more and more of the word, the menu is filtered down to fewer and fewer options.

If you've typed so much of the word that there is only one option left to complete the word, then when you use the keyboard shortcut, the word will automatically complete and the menu will NOT appear.

If you're familiar with the autocorrect feature on a smartphone, you have a sense of how this helpful tool works.

We can simply click anywhere on the word we want to change and choose Ctrl J to call back the Intellisense menu.

You can then make a selection from the list and press Tab.

If you already are, seeing linter those errors alongside the code is far more convenient than having to look for them in your terminal. It will draw squiggly lines under the code where you have a problem and display a list of warnings & errors on hovering it.

You can also see the list of all detected problems in… When working with Angular you’ll often be writing several of those If you feel like there are more fun things to do with your time, you’re right.

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