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but in November 2014 she removed her endorsement a few hours after Poker Stars had announced they were starting an online casino.She said she was uncomfortable about potential addiction by vulnerable people to a site where the odds are in favour of the operator, and did not want to be associated with such an, "Smoking and drinking and gambling.However, in Late Night Poker's spin-off Celebrity Poker Club, she defeated Willie Thorne to win the series two grand final before joining Jesse May as the commentator in series three.In the 2003 Hold-Em 100 tournament in London she was a guest dealer for the final table.Commenting on the ambitious scenes, she told the Press Association: “I think that’s been a challenge for Daisy, there’s nine children…how do you navigate moving it forward and where do you pitch and place the pregnancies?

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the Grace Theatre and the New End Theatre in London, before she adapted it again for a BBC Two docudrama with Neil Pearson, broadcast in 2001.

Victoria and Giles Coren wrote an introduction to Chocolate and Cuckoo Clocks, In 2007, after the death of her father, having put a notice in The Times inviting those who knew him to attend a service, she was warned by a friend that a "gang of serial funeral crashers" based in the south of England were checking death notices to find funerals and memorial services to crash for their own enjoyment.

Season two of Victoria and JK Rowling’s crime series Strike will go head-to-head for the title of favourite Sunday night drama when both shows launch tonight.

They will air at precisely 9.05pm, with Strike making its TV debut on BBC One and Daisy Goodwin’s historical drama returning to ITV.

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