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A few months later, when another missed day put him over the limit for absences, he was discharged.

The employer argued his absences weren’t covered by the FMLA because he didn’t have a serious health condition.

In one case, the employer discharged an employee for excessive absences.

The employee had sought FMLA leave for treatment by a chiropractor, but the chiropractor hadn’t taken any x-rays at the time he certified the employee’s health condition.

On the internet, for instance, it is hard to find an illness that chiropractors do not claim to cure.

However, the published evidence generally reveals these claims to be little more than wishful thinking.

That prevents an employee from arguing that you waived the objection to the missing x-rays.

Third, employers must be particularly careful when the employee is being treated by chiropractors in addition to other health care providers (like in the case).

The court also pointed out that the employer never told the employee that it considered the chiropractor’s note insufficient because it wasn’t supported by x-rays.

If medical certifications from other health care providers demonstrate that he does have a serious health condition, follow the normal procedures for requesting a second opinion or for asking the employee to fix an incomplete or vague certification.

Absences certified by chiropractors are unique under the FMLA because chiropractors are the only health care providers whose capacity to excuse an employee from work depends on the diagnosis itself and the presence of x-rays.

It also mentioned that the chiropractor eventually took x- rays (after the leave) that didn’t show a subluxation. The court faced a similar situation inanother case in which the employee was discharged for falsifying a timecard.

She filed suit, alleging she was actually fired in retaliation for attempting to take FMLA leave.

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