Validating a measure of teacher technology integration uk dating site 20

The developed inventory measures the extent to which EFL teachers are professionally developed and makes teachers aware of multiple characteristics of professionally developed teachers.These competencies are essential components of teacher professional development, enabling the teachers to utilize them in everyday teaching and learning practices in the classroom settings which, as a result, leads to student achievement.As teachers fulfill important professional roles, they need valid instruments to assess their day-to-day functioning in the class.With the instrument developed and validated in the current research, we, in fact, allow language teachers to assess their extent of professional development in different pedagogical contexts.An initial tentative model with 130 items was piloted and tested through exploratory and confirmatory data analyses on a sample of 400 EFL teachers.This level resulted in the removal of 28 items in our sample loaded, resulting in a final 102 teacher professional development inventory.Having reviewed previous research on teacher professional development, Desimone (2009) focused the components of meaningful and impactful teacher professional development which finally result in enhancement in students’ performance.

Research (Corcoran, 1995; Corcoran, Shields & Zuker, 1998; Fullan, 2001; Guskey, 2002; Lieberman & Pointer Mace, 2008) has investigated professional development of teachers as a device which governments and organizations have utilized to introduce a variation.

Ottesen (2007) and Tinning (2006) proposed reflective teacher education as an appropriate approach for utilize in teacher education programmes.

The complex disposition of teaching and learning requirements of teachers is to become reflective and be able to adjust to different classroom situations (Moe, 2013; Ottesen, 2007; Tinning, 2006).

For instance, Clement and Vandenberghe (2001) and Moore (2000) came to a result that educational supervision, as a cooperative problem solving process, plays a significant role in English language teachers’ professional development.

Andrews (2007), Borg (2001), Farrell and Lim (2005), Nishimuro and Borg, (2013) and Underwood (2012) represented that teachers’ real knowledge in different fields of language which affects on their teaching, their prior beliefs, attitudes and thoughts are vital in their professional development.

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