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pic.twitter.com/q DKJxt VIsi Today was Bris for Neched Rabeiny Shlit"a, Ben Hrv Avrum Shia Heshil Rokach Chasan Avd Siget, in Kiryas Beirech Moshe, Kid was Named Moshe After Rabih"k Zy"u, Bris Seida finishing now, Spoke Zeidas Siget Ruv and Koriv Ruv.

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It's been about 24 hours since I last went on and i'm seeing the same posts from yesterday and several days ago.

Dynamic covers and layouts optimized for i Phone, i Pad, and Mac come to life with every swipe.

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This update includes several under the hood improvements and small bug fixes to improve the performance of the app.

Started out that you could look at news on this app without worrying about paying.

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