Updating wii software

Requires: It's advised to backup your NAND right after you install Boot Mii.If you installed Boot Mii as boot2, then simply go to the second options screen and choose the second icon which can recover from the brick.) Requires: Simply boot a recovery program the way you would any other.if you have Preloader installed, but it boots to the System Menu then try holding down reset when you turn on your Wii, after a few seconds of holding reset the Preloader menu should appear.Typically, games will still boot but the Settings menu will not work -- this prevents the system from healing itself with an online update.These cases can be fixed by installing a newer version of the System Menu from a disc of the correct region, or with any other tool that can modify the System Menu.If you installed Boot Mii as part of an IOS, then you will need Preloader installed.Go to the HBC via Preloader, then select Launch Boot Mii from the main menu.

Because of this it's impossible to fix using software unless you have Boot Mii installed (as boot2), or you use a Savemii Dongle with an autoboot disc. The Wii displays nothing and you are presented with a black screen.

The term is often used in situations where modifying a system's firmware (without necessarily making any alterations to the machine's hardware) has caused it to become inoperable.

A Semi/Partial Brick occurs when a System Menu update from the wrong region is installed on a Wii or some resources have been otherwise damaged, breaking some (but not all) of the functionality of the System Menu.

Because of this it's impossible to fix using software, UNLESS you have Boot Mii installed (as boot2) In some cases the latter will be unable to fix this brick.

A broken Bluetooth Module will present the same symptoms, but can only be fixed by replacing the module.

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