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This lecture course will emphasize review of actual Computed Tomography (CT) case studies that have been rendered identity neutral.

Reading scans as well as continued training in safety and protocols for the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) technologist will be emphasized.

Students will also be provided with basic protocols of an MR scan as well as given information regarding the common types of scans.

This course will be taken in conjunction with IMAGE 350, the introductory lab course in MRI.

Liability insurance must be purchased by the student as well as the HIPAA training during the program orientation.

Catalog Date: June 1, 2019 For certified Radiologic Technologists, there are a number of advanced forms of imaging that may be pursued.

Training in safety and protocols for the ARRT technologist will be also be emphasized.This course will be taken in conjunction with IMAGE 320.This lab course will take place in an actual CT scanning environment off campus.As part of the educational program, candidates must demonstrate competence in the clinical activities identified below.They must be signed off in all general patient care procedures, MRI safety requirements, quality control tests, the 18 required MRI Procedures and 10 of the 24 elective MRI Procedures.

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