Updating older bathroom in maine

Danny Lipford: So we’re taking a look at the bathroom, to see how we can address those concerns. Tie the flooring into the adjacent closet, and dress the space up a bit. I knew, you told me before, at one point, that you’re, eventually want all the ceilings done. He kept bringing me back over and over and over again, and every room needed wallpaper taken down, new carpet, new paint. And what it basically does is, it keeps the water from evaporating. We’re going to turn this upside down our angles are going to flip to the other side. Danny Lipford: When the closet is cleared, David and I can remove the carpet, clean up the plywood subfloor, and begin installing the same pre-finished hardwood flooring that was used in the rest of the house. Instead of whatever y’all were doing over there, but this does look pretty good. Allen Lyle: David, did you want to keep this or maybe frame it, Danny Lipford: Or put it out there in this crooked corner. Tiffany England: This is kind of like a cartoon house. Danny Lipford: Which end do you want to go in the wall? Danny Lipford: In addition to the new shower stem, we’re also installing a new magnetic hand held shower head from Moen. Tiffany England: I’m really thrilled, I feel like I’ve, you know, really come full circle with the project.And I just kept saying, “No, it just looks like way too much work.” David England: We have redone the kitchen, we replaced all the counter-tops. And Allen gets David ready to start scraping ceilings. And we’re putting this against the fence of the saw with two sides down and here, so you’ve actually got something square to cut off of, rather than trying to cut it like, you know, like it would be on the wall and hold it. Danny Lipford: In the middle of all of this, Tiffany’s friend, Shannon, drops by. This isn’t the thin engineered wood that you install with glue. What we want to do is, is decide which tile we want to pull out. Tiffany England: Yeah, we could hang it up at the crooked corner. Allen Lyle: There you go, hang it in the crooked corner. You know, when I signed up for the show, I just said, you know, I’m just not done, I’m not done, yet.From her spot just outside the doorway, the teacher couldn’t see inside the closed stall or the urinals around the corner, but she could see into a good portion of the bathroom, including the boy paused in the middle of it. School bathrooms have been troublesome for generations.

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We dressed up the bathroom with crown molding, replaced the carpet in the closet with hardwood, and installed accent tile on the tub surround. But Allen actually had the painted ceiling, and it was very difficult to scrape off. Danny Lipford: Now that the texture is gone, I’m setting up our electrician, Wayne, to add a new Broan bathroom vent fan for David and Tiffany. So it’s easier to clean because mold, mildew, and odor causing bacteria cannot grow on the sides. Danny Lipford: Tiffany and David’s bathroom is really coming together. The new vent fan and crown molding have been installed. And Tiffany has identified the tiles, she wants to remove. Allen Lyle: Put it on, and give me some ridges like that. The tub surface has to be completely clean before you begin. The hardwood floors that have ended early have been extended into the closet giving it a cleaner look and the appearance of a lot more space.

Finally, we updated the accessories with a brushed nickel Moen showerhead and grab bar. Video Transcript , we’re helping a couple of handy homeowners pick up where they left off, making a better bathroom. Tiffany England: All right, well what is all that in there? Besides the light, this one also includes a motion sensor. Allen Lyle: She’ll put some tape on, she move the piece of tape. And because it’s an epoxy, the timing of each coat is very important. The updated trim on the plumbing fixtures disguises the age of this room as does the updated door hardware that Tiffany added.

Tiffany England: You know I just kind of got as far as I could go, and it’s just time to bring it all the way through to completion. Danny Lipford: That something else is a formula, Tiffany and I are mixing up in the kitchen. That will ensure that we remove the moisture in this room that’s causing all of the mold. Allen Lyle: It helps if your mind’s warped like mine. If you follow the directions carefully, and don’t cut any corners. Now, back at David and Tiffany’s, it’s time for the last few finishing touches. We’re upgrading the trim on the plumbing fixtures in the bath tub to polished nickel to cap off the makeover. The shower door started the whole process and with it gone, we had the opportunity to add those black accent tiles to cover the mounting holes.

Adults want to keep kids from smoking, vaping, bullying each other or doing anything else they shouldn’t be doing.

In Maine, every school balances bathroom privacy and safety differently.

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