Updating old brick house exteriors

"Flat tiles are really popular and can really modernise your home," says Tim, who says the first thing to understand is that there are two main types of tile: concrete and terracotta. Verge planted full of natives by Sustainable Outdoors. I used to steer away from potted plants completely – now I love them."Both have benefits but to be sure that the colour of your tile lasts forever, terracotta is the premium to choose. Its like having a ceramic plate where the colour gets backed into the tile and the colour doesn’t fade." Roof by Monier Roofing. We painted our faded, worn-looking driveway – it’s a project that is inexpensive, relatively easy and takes less than a day – my kind of DIY project. I’ve even added potted plants to the rooms in our house.We have made a few changes to the elevation of the Crap Shack (which was ugly when we bought it) and while it's still not perfect and needs some more work, it does look much better.In the meantime you can read about a few of the things we HAVE done, and some of my other favourite ideas I've seen for boosting a house's kerb appeal.

Kerb appeal is important – especially if you’re putting your house on the market. If you’re selling a house, and it’s not some renovator’s undiscovered 1920s gem that future buyers will be itching to restore, you need to make it look as inviting as possible.

In fact, I’m not going to lie, when we were house-hunting there was a home open where we drove up, looked at the house silently and drove away again with hardly a word. It's worth putting in some work even if you don't plan to sell - just because there’s something so nice about coming home to a house where things have been done and you don’t look at them as you pull in the driveway and think, “Arrgh, we really have to fix that.” Even something as small as a smart-looking house number, or a few pots of flowers on the freshly swept front porch, can really lift your mood when you get home.

When Monier Roofing asked if I could write a feature about how you can boost the look of your house, I thought I most certainly can.

Love to hear your front-of-house fixer-upper ideas if you have any!

I received sponsorship from Monier Roofing for this post.

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