Updating nohost the hostname specified does not exist

If it supports No-IP, you can configure it to update your hostname with the correct IP address.This removes the need for downloading our Dynamic Update Client.This Dynamic Update Client will track any changes to your IP address and allow No-IP to update them accordingly.

:[0-9].)[0-9]") Else #Get a your current IP $My Ip = (Invoke-Web Request "https://domains.google.com/checkip").

It will take 60 seconds for the changes to fully propagate to the new IP address.

How do I avoid manually updating my hostname in the future?

Sample post string I would use: #Your info goes here $hostname = "yourhostname.com" $user = "your_generated_dns_username" $pwd = "your_generated_dns_password" $pair = "$($user):$($pwd)" #Get a page with your current IP $My Ip Page = Invoke-Web Request "https://domains.google.com/checkip" #Make sure we got a IP back in the response If ($My Ip Page. :[0-9].)[0-9]") Else #Google Domains API information: https://support.google.com/domains/answer/6147083?

hl=en #Your Google Domains Dynamic DNS info goes here $hostname = "HOSTNAMEHERE" $user = "USERNAMEHERE" $pwd = "PASSWORDHERE" $pair = "$($user):$($pwd)" #Get the domain to IP resolution $My DNS = (Resolve-Dns Name $hostname).

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