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You must update your new passport details by visiting one of the Enrollment Centers.I have lost my Nexus card how do I apply for a new one?Can one person fill out a Nexus card for the family?Yes, this is not a problem if one person fills out multiple applications. Every member of the family must still attend the interivew because Customs and Border Protection need to perform separate background and security checks on each person. It doesn’t matter what age your child is – they can be a newborn infant but if you want them to travel with you using the Nexus lane they must have a Nexus pass.You can download a simplified version of the government Nexus application form by using IVT’s services. Your Nexus interview will take place at one of the NEXUS Enrollment Centers.You can choose the location that best suits you but if you intend on using the Nexus pass for air travel you must select a centre that can do the required iris scan.

Likewise you can only use Nexus at an airport if you hold a card.

If you registered for Nexus online using the GOES enrollment system you must schedule your interview yourself once you have been conditionally approved. Under the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (the States and Canada are members) the Nexus card along with the enhanced driver’s license, SENTRI pass, FAST card for truckers (road travel only) and US passport card are recognized as acceptable equivalent documents to a valid passport.

You have to keep checking in to your GOES account to see if your status has been changed. There have been noted incidents where border guards have asked to see a passport as well as a NEXUS card, but under US law brought in on June 1, 2009 legally the above documents count for travel between Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean or Bermuda, by land or sea.

I have a criminal conviction will I be denied a Nexus pass?

IVT have many people applying for a NEXUS card with a conviction.

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