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If your pivot table and source data are on the same sheet then you will need to add code to disable events.The refresh puts the event in a recursive loop, and can end up crashing Excel. One way to check if the macro is working is to test it.Make a change to the source data and see if it is reflected in your pivot table. The keyboard shortcut to toggle a breakpoint on/off is: Now whenever an action occurs that triggers the macro, Excel will jump to the VB Editor and pause the macro so that you can check the code.

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This action is the same as if you manually click the Refresh button on the Data tab.

We can add VBA code to the Worksheet_Change event to perform actions when the user edits cells.

Note: The Selection Change event that is added by default will run any time the user selects a cell in the sheet.

The keyboard shortcut for opening the Visual Basic editor is .

If you don’t see the Developer tab, you can make it visible using the instructions here.

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