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The SCSI adapter type is available in the Virtual Machine settings.If these settings are not in the virtual machine's configuration, the paravirtual SCSI adapter can still be enabled.

This Intel adapter is generally compatible with the built-in drivers across most operating systems, including Arch.

To use the host as a time source, ensure To improve the performance of your virtual machine, try the following tips: VMware Paravirtual SCSI (PVSCSI) adapters are high-performance storage adapters for VMware ESXi that can result in greater throughput and lower CPU utilization.

PVSCSI adapters are best suited for environments, where hardware or applications drive a very high amount of I/O throughput.

The following drivers are only needed if you are running Arch Linux on a hypervisor like VMware v Sphere Hypervisor.

Client-server applications can write to the VMCI Sock (vsock) interface to make use of the VMCI virtual device, when communicating between virtual machines. In 2007, VMware released large partitions of the VMware Tools under the LGPL as Open-VM-Tools.

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