Updating cisco ios 2950

Personally, I don’t like leaving this information in the running configuration. This way is also easier, you can copy/paste this line on all devices that require an IOS image upgrade.It’s also possible to supply a username and password with the copy command. Accessing ftp://*****:*****@ Last but not least, we have SCP (Secure Copy) which uses SSH.

For example, since I specified the source name, the router assumes I want to use the same file name for the destination. Once I hit enter, it will only ask me for the destination filename (which I also could have entered).

I will use a Cisco 2800 IOS router in these examples.

First, head over to Download and grab the IOS image that you want.

Don’t type “y” or “yes” here or that will become the destination filename. Accessing tftp:// If you have to upgrade the IOS image on multiple devices, this is more convenient as you can just copy/paste the above line on all devices.

You can also turn a Cisco IOS router or switch into a TFTP server.

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