Updating bios without floppy

My experience with a heavy breathing fan like yours,(slowing and racing) is that the fan cannot attain its top speed and is cutting out, but not completely. Anyways, here's an image of the temp program running. However, we touched on another issue here, which was the racing CPU cooling fan.

I tried uploading the drivers for each but the system said they were up to date.

Need to upgrade the BIOS on my 600e, only problem is that out of the 5 computers I own, they're all floppyless.

Is there any way to make a bootable cd that contains the update files?

Have you had any luck with the temp monitoring software?

You can try blowing some computer canned air through the cooling vents in case you have some dust accumulated in there. Regarding BIOS update, from what i've been advised here, I'm going to update it.

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