Two lefties dating

I have asked her to explain and she has told me that it's fantastic that am left handed but won't tell me why.She has said that it's a well know fact, so ask around. Well, we asked the question in a recent Club newsletter and got a huge response. Growing up, she always had to remind my right-handed parents to buy her special left-handed scissors, can openers, and she was always switching seats at home or in class so not to bump elbows with others at the table.My European grandfather announced that her left hand should be tied behind her back so she could learn to use her right hand.Since left-handed people live in a right hand dominated world, lefties are better at using their non-dominant hand versus most righties.This helps left-handed stroke victims recover faster from strokes and other related afflictions.

Therefore, that would make the odds of being left-handed lady who marries a left-handed prince on the other side of the Atlantic pretty much mathematically impossible.

Turns out, left-handed females are a much rarer breed than left-handed males.

A meta analysis of 144 studies including more than 1.7 million total participants found a "significant and robust" gender correlation with handedness.

Handedness does not work like eye color, a classic dominant-recessive model where there is a dominant and a recessive gene.

If that were the case, and we would say that if the right-hand gene was dominant over the left-hand gene, you’d be right-handed with either one or two copies of the right-hand gene or vice versa.

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