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Ben breaks up with Cassie, because she thinks that Riley likes him, which Riley denies.

With Danny's old jersey shrunken, Tucker puts it on Emma and Danny calls her his new good luck charm.

Danny tries to keep them together, telling them that going against each other for a girl will ruin their friendship. Danny is asked to give a speech at a press conference in front of his team, but is nervous, so Riley offers to help him.

Danny reveals to Bonnie that he has feelings for Riley.

Once Danny finally accepts Hank dating Bonnie, Hank says that Bonnie isn't his type and doesn't want to date her, Danny gets upset and tells him that he would be lucky to have his mom.

Riley and Ben become co-captains and the team celebrates a winning streak.

The sitcom stars Jean-Luc Bilodeau as Ben Wheeler, a bartender, who while moving his brother Danny Wheeler (Derek Theler) into the apartment Ben shares with best friend Tucker Dobbs (Tahj Mowry), he's surprised when Emma, a baby girl, is left on his doorstep by Angela, a girl with whom he had a one-night stand.

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However, when he sees Riley with Emma, he reconsiders, since he now thinks that Ben is a family man.

Danny finally admits to Riley that he loves her, but she takes it as an act to get her out of the situation with Ben, so she goes along with it and thanks him.

On her way to return the stroller that the boys bought, Bonnie grabs the attention of a man on the street and begins using it like the boys did.

Danny, now ready for Bonnie to begin dating, tries to set her up with any man he can find.

Ben and Tucker put their friendship aside when they compete for the heart of Ava (Ashley Argota), a beautiful, young woman they both met at a concert.

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