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When it comes to the wind instruments, the tribe boast of the Xitiringo, Nangna, and the Mhalamhala, which is an antelope trumpet.

With the first ever recorded Tsonga music dating back to the 1920s, its music is considered as the most influential genre in South Africa as it has grown to incorporate new production equipment and instruments.

About the percussion cultural instruments, the musical tribe depends on the tambourines and the drums to achieve that high-tempo beat South African taste.

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Paul later went ahead to publish his first book in the language in the year 1883.The Tsonga people are known for their colorful traditional clothes that have inspired numerous South Africa urban wedding designs.Apart from that, they are known for their energetic rhythm music, dance styles, delicacies, among other interesting cultural facts.As one of the common and widely spoken languages, Xisonga is renowned as one of South Africa's official languages.The language history is based in the 1500s where it went through numerous linguistic alterations and developments.

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