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That turned out to be a dead-end, but when he tried to apologize to Kelly and get her back, she brushed him off.

However, they were back together in the following episode ("Breaking Up is Hard to Undo").

For a while, a feud began between Zack and fellow student A. Slater over who would be her boyfriend, which caused her great stress, but a lot of fun at the same time.

Kelly blushed numerous times when both Zack and Slater would hit on her, especially when it was done in front of other students.

His best friend Mikey is a good student and is often supportive of him, and helps him with schoolwork a lot. Belding was the principal of JFK Junior High, and often had to deal with problems Zack had caused.

Zack's homeroom teacher and history teacher, Miss Carrie Bliss, also acts as a moral compass for Zack.

Zack demonstrates a flair for business throughout his teen years.

Set in a different continuity from the later series, Good Morning, Miss Bliss took place during Zack's eighth grade year at John F.

Kennedy Junior High School in Indianapolis, Indiana.

He experienced some success in each of these sports. He one time offers to play for free at a school dance so that more money could be spent on decorations.

The band line-up featured Zack as a main vocalist while playing guitar, Jessie as a featured vocalist, Lisa on bass guitar, Screech on keyboard, and Slater on drums.

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