The dating game of life

Was it sent only to us personally or to everyone else?" Blake pondered somewhat worried about this appearing on the scrolls of everyone in Beacon."It looks as though it was all sent to us individually or else it'd been forwarded with an uncountable number of email addresses at the top." Ren deducted and noticed each girl hesitated with clicking on the link."Uh…girls, I think I may have found out where he is."Suddenly all six gals bolted around to see Ren behind his teammates holding up his own scroll in front of them.It displayed a screen intro to what appeared to be a game show.Yang got up and strode over to the dorm room's television and placed her scroll in the docking port letting the projection appear on a larger screen for everyone to view in its entirety."There, now we don't have to hover all over our scrolls.

I-I'm in." The Redhead declared bashfully with a reddened face and a determined expression."M-Me too…!She knew all too well that one's personal affairs were meant to be clandestine unless willingly shared with people you trust.Pyrrha immediately nodded in agreement, partly out of Blake's reasoning and also because she didn't want to risk Jaune getting paired off with another woman romantically. Maybe we should just go back to searching for him-""Come on, P-money!Down the halls skipped Ruby Rose in her usual Red/black ensemble followed by Yang, Blake, and her tsundere partner Weiss Schnee."So are you all up for a movie night this time or are we going into town for the carnival?" Yang asked clearly pumped for the game plan of their get together."Last time we went to a movie Blake wouldn't stop pointing out the plot holes and character stereotypes of all the newer movies.

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