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With debut album hitting shelves May 19th their lives are only getting busier.Read on for my interview with Will Anderson as he chats about the recording process, stories behind the romantic songs he has penned, and what it's like being in a band with his four best friends. It's a lot of new songs they haven't heard yet, new material that we've been playing live but never had a recorded version of.It's become a summer tradition as important as fireworks and frosé, sunburns and crop tops.Yes, you know where this is going — to Watch Hill, Rhode Island, where Taylor Swift holds her sort of annual Fourth of July party.But, in the big scheme of things we're the same guys and we know a lot of stuff about each other that we probably wouldn't know if we hadn't known each other for that long.For better or worse, it's definitely the dynamic of five best friends who have known each other forever.Here, a complete history of the most exclusive patriotic invite in the U. Louis, Martha's in the Hamptons, Ed's on tour, and so forth.

Hard to believe that just a year ago the now college grads were traveling to LA during breaks to record their debut album.

Once we got out of school we really got into it this past summer.

It was good to work with the producers that we did.

But on a night that something good does come up it's one of those all-nighter things where at 5 'o clock in the morning I'm banging on our drummer's door, screaming, ìI got a good song! Often, I'll come back and rewrite all the words in a few weeks once I realize how terrible the idea was.

Usually the music comes first and lyrics come later.

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