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Legal issues tend to arise if the images involve someone under 18 or if a photo or video of someone has been deliberately shared without their consent.By Will Ziebell MELBOURNE (Reuters) - More than 1,900 people rose early on Saturday to take a chilly plunge on the Australian island state of Tasmania.But things can go wrong and it is important your child understands this.There are Commonwealth and state and territory laws against asking for, accessing, possessing, creating or sharing sexualised images of children and young people under 18.

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And there are ways you can help if things go wrong.

Being found guilty of these offences can result in a criminal record and registration as a sex offender in some circumstances.

This would prohibit them from working or volunteering in places involving children and may require them to regularly report to police and have restrictions placed on their freedom of movement.

(In some states, these laws only apply to images of children and young people under 16 or 17, but police in every state also have the option of using the Commonwealth laws, which apply to images of young people up to 18).

This means a young person who asks for, accesses, possesses, creates or shares sexualised images of someone under 18 may be at risk of criminal charges — even if both parties consented.

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