Tasie dhanraj and eugene simon dating

She is very close with her House of Anubis co-stars (especially Ana Mulvoy Ten and Jade Ramsey).Nathalia has confirmed she is not returning as Nina Martin in the third season of House of Anubis.

See Jathalia Ana mulvoy ten:friend We have never really seemed to be together alot but they are still good friends.

She is also famous from other names as Tasie, Tasie D, Tasiekins. She is the daughter of Derek Dhanraj (father) and Rebecca Sinnatt (mother).

She was born on December 22, 1990 at Brighton, England.

They have mentioned in interviews that they've had a few laughs together and they are really good friends. Tasie Dhanraj: Friends Nathalia and Tasie aren't really shown together on House of Anubis but they are still friends because Nathalia is close to all her Anubis co-stars and they are not doing a lot of interviews together either.

Klariza Clayton: Friends Nathalia and Klariza are protrayed as frenemies in House of Anubis, so everyone thinks that they are frenemies in real life as well but it turns out that they are quite good friends.

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