Tara subkoff dating

The female executive leaves, and Godreche joins Weinstein at his suite to discuss a film they were working on.

After Godreche says no to his suggestion of a massage, he pulls off her sweater and she leaves, she said.

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— 1995: Liza Campbell, a British artist and writer then in her mid-30s, arrives to meet with Weinstein at The Savoy hotel in London, but he instead asks her to join him for a bath as she hears him undress, she wrote in The Sunday Times of London. — September 1995: Actress Mira Sorvino, 27 and attending the Toronto International Film Festival, meets with Weinstein at his hotel room where he massages her shoulders and chases her around, prompting her to leave, she told The New Yorker.

— 1997: Actress Ashley Judd, then in her late 20s, arrives at a hotel in Beverly Hills for breakfast with Weinstein and learns they will be meeting in Weinstein’s suite.

She rejects his suggestions to give him a massage, to give him a shoulder rub, to pick out his clothes and to watch him shower, she told The New York Times.

Paltrow said her then-boyfriend, actor Brad Pitt, confronted Weinstein soon after.

— 1994-95: French actress Florence Darel, 26, meets Weinstein at a movie preview screening in New York City in 1994 and fends off his requests to meet following an after-party by claiming she’s dating a costar, she told the newspaper Le Parisien.

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