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On the cbo CLIN After Update event: Note that column numbers are 0-based, so the first column is Column(0), etc. Oknow this is a lot of questions, but you are looking at your database and I am not, so some of the details are rather dim from this vantage point.Is this a start date and an end date in two fields, or what exactly? I understand the rationale for binding the columns to the CLINLookup field and not showing them, but I have to have it showing for the users to be happy.THere is the code I have in my ' After Update event' for CLINLookup in the subform. Value = DLookup("[Latest UOM]", Source Qry, Source Crit) Me.[Additional Info]. As it is set up now there seem to be some issues with it, but my guess is you don't need it.Private Sub CLINLookup_After Update() Dim Source Qry As String Dim Source Crit As String Dim rs As dao. Value = DLookup("[Last Of Additional Info]", Source Qry, Source Crit) Me.[PWS]. There is almost surely a way to control the unbound text boxes.For the CLIN, devise a Row Source that includes Desc, Unit Price, and Unit Of Measure. Set the CLIN combo box (I will call it cbo CLIN) Column Count to 4, and the Column Widths to something like 2";0",0",0".This assumes there is no hidden key field identifying the CLIN record. How does it control the future calculations, particularly considering that it is not a stored value? I have cruised these forums for help/ideas for a long time, but never joined or posted to one. The subform links to the main form via the Parent Primary Key (Parent ID) and the Child Primary Key (Child ID). The main form prepopulates most fields based on what parent contract is selected, leaving some child contract fields to fill.

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Once the blank fields recieve focus, they populate. I have just a few minutes, then we'll have to hope somebody else picks up the thread.Recordset Dim db As Database Set db = Current Db Set rs = db. Value = DLookup("[PWS]", Source Qry, Source Crit) Me.[Site]. It may help if you describe the calculations you need to perform. The CLINLookup is on the Subform, take it's row source from from a query finding the most up-to-date CLINs from the Parent contract selected in the parent form.Open Recordset("qry SOVCurrent", db Open Dynaset) Source Qry = "qry SOVCurrent" Source Crit = "CLIN ='" & CLINLookup & "' AND Parent ID= " & Parent ID Me. Here's how it should work: User selects the parent contract and populates the new child contracts details in the main form, including a performance period In the subform, the user selects a CLIN (Contract Line Item Number) from CLINLookup.;-)So the fields flow like this: CLINLookup Desc (Dlookup, not populating until on focus)Unit Price (Dlookup, populates just fine)Unit of Measure (ea, Gal, etc; Dlookup, populates just fine)Quantity Per Period (unbound # - source1 of my angst) Period of Measure (Day/Week/Month/Each, Unbound List box, controls future calculations, source2 of my angst)*real* Quantity (calculated as "Quantity Per Period*#of Periods" and stored in backend tables - # of Periods is in a hidden calculated field that give the datediff between the Performance Period Start and end date in the appropriate intervals, based on the Period of Measure value)PP Start and End dates (pull fine from the main form, and updateable after that pull)Unbound Calculation - Parent Contract CLIN Qty Available before the order (Doesn't populate until it recieves focus)Unbound Calculation - Parent Contract CLIN Qty Available after the order (Doesn't populate until it recieves focus)The fields doing the calculations are fine, except that they need to recieve focus to calculate.I do not see any common factors between the fields that will and won't populate the CLINLookup After Update event. A mod is entered by creating a new record for the CLIN that keeps values from the original CLIN that have not changed, and allows changing of any of these value.

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