Snooki heat dating

The Shore franchise spawned several international adaptations in other countries.

Four of the Jersey Shore cast members received spin-off shows on MTV, with the most successful being Snooki & JWOWW.

a show that focused on women dating an arrogant man.

During her high school, she suffered from an eating disorder, at one point weighing 80 pounds.

After graduation, she attended community college where she studied to become a veterinary technician.

I know you haven’t), I kinda just stopped doing Snooki & JWoww. It was a combination of going on holiday for a week, which ended up coinciding with 2 episodes, thus fucking up my entire schedule. ) is about to start this week, I figured I better wrap this shit up. So the girls have decided to go to Cancun without the boys. I hate this episode because Snooki is a fucking idiot (what did you think your 3 alcoholic clubrat friends would want to do in Cancun?

Also, this show is boring and I’ve had no compulsion to return to it in 2 fucking months. Which means the only 2 characters that are actually interesting or make hilarious jokes aren’t there. Snooki is a whingey bitch because she can’t drink or have fun. ), Roger doesn’t get to make fun of anyone (because he isn’t there) and the fight that was hinted at last episode was a fizzer.

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