Sirius travel link weather map not updating

It is clear that many Dealerships may not understand this now antiquated system or the CSRs at Sirius and never will, focusing on the newer and more widely used MYFORD TOUCH system.If I could have gotten past the first level CSR at Sirius, asking for Technical Support twice in two days, maybe, just maybe, I could have had this “Special Full Strength” sent if indeed this corrected the issue on my own.Regular “Travel Link” has been re-activated after loss (real-time traffic data) but the Weather 5 days, Weather Radar Map, Fuel Prices, Movie Listings and Sports Info will not.• SYNC system will not maintain cell phone pairing for any length of time and must be re-established at least two or three times a month!After 10 days at our Ford Dealership we now have a full functioning Sirius Radio and Navigation system covered under the 3year/36 k miles original warranty ,at no charge.Background: Close to two weeks before taking our 2010 Ford Taurus fully-equipped Limited in for service, ALL Sirius Radio functions, Travel Link and Ford SYNC cell phone became disconnected.I contacted Sirius by phone on two days and they sent at least another three signals with no results.

If that module isn’t operating correctly it will affect everything connected to it like Nav, Audio and phones.

Any upgrades or TSB to this orphaned early SYNC system, to correct this most annoying defect?

Car has been at Ford Dealership for one week and as I expected SIRUS says the "Travel Link" issue is a Ford Radio issue and Ford says it is a SIRUS issue! Have a 2011 Taurus with the sony Navigation radio in it.

The current 3.1 software may be the last and only update that we all have.

Will future Bluetooth cell phones work in years to come with no updating software?

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