Singpost tracking not updating

Following are commonly seen tracking code formats: R# *** *** *** SG, V# *** *** *** SG, A# *** *** *** SG, XC *** *** *** **, XR *** *** *** ** Note: # - letters, * - numbers In general, a small parcel posted by Singapore Post needs about 7 – 20 days to reach by registered air mail service.

It needs more time about 10- 30 days by ordinary mail service.

Your useless postman just (left) that whole stack of letters on top of the letter box."I got to go door-to-door to deliver the letters to my neighbours. "In another comment, Karen Law said: "The delivery man left my packages that are worth more than USD0 at the door step and forged the recipient's signature. When I emailed Singpost, I was given a generic reply.

What's the point of providing feedback when you won't even acknowledge the issue and answer my questions?

click on ‘view proof of delivery’, you will see the same signature for both packages. Facebook user Jonathan Lau told Channel News Asia that he had been getting failed delivery notifications from Sing Post for "as long as I can remember" - even when someone was actually at home."The bell would be silent the whole day and I'll get notifications when I came home," he said.

Once Singapore Post package arrives in Canada it can be tracked using Canada Post website or you can track it all the way from Singapore to Canada using our tracking website.

In a video of the incident taken by a member of the public who confronted the man, the postman can be heard admitting to throwing the mail away.

He also complained that he was tired and treated unfairly.

Singapore Post Packet is one of the most popular delivery ways for foreign commerce sellers on e Bay and other e-commerce platforms.

It aims at the products which are less than 2kg and could reach over 200 countries and areas in the world.

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