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The gear: The nanny and parent fantasy is easy because you don’t need costumes. Why we love it: Haven’t you ever had a boss you really just wanted to bang, even though he or she was a total asshole? A power exchange really does get the juices flowing. If you’d rather set the scene at a startup, go for a t-shirt. You’re partners on the force, each other’s shields and greatest allies.

When someone is pissing you off, those feelings of rage are very akin to feelings of passion. The best accessory you can have in this scene is a good “angry boss” voice. Sometimes you have to rough up a certain criminal; you each have your role. The gear: If someone has a police badge or handcuffs from Halloween costumes past, that’s ideal. Instead of being one of the Boys in Blue, go the Stabler and Benson route: slacks and button-ups. Why we love it: People get hard over sterilized hands and medical scrubs. Being a medical professional is hard and sometimes you have to let off some steam with a coworker, probably.

Sometimes we must silently bear these scars alone, but not I.

For you see, my tragyic past is something of a shared experience.

Role play is about a power exchange and nothing says power like a naughty professor.

The whole student/teacher paradigm is very hot, but becomes problematic when you’re thinking in terms of age-appropriate consent. Avoid the creepy feelings by being a college student and professor instead.

You live on this planet long enough you’re bound to have something in your past that, upon recollection, makes you cringe just a little.

The active reader (or patron) can wear whatever is sexiest to that person. Why we love it: College coaches have insane sex appeal.

They’re so virile and energetic in spite of being middle-aged.

And since your apartment or house is already the perfect backdrop, you don’t need much to pull it off.

The gear: For the housewife, you’ll need a robe and some cute pajamas.

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