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She marvels at the fact that, while surrogacy is illegal for gay couples in Israel, an increasing number of them are paying foreign women to have their babies overseas.“I’ll tell you, I see it as a revolution,” she says.Now, he aims "to bridge the gap" and "to make the Yeshiva world accessible," he told Mako, an Israeli news site.(Malka did not respond to questions when contacted by PRI.)This cultural phenomenon is the product of several social and technological trends, said Weiss.

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Marta Kauffman, who co-created American TV shows like “Friends” and Netflix’s “Grace and Frankie,” has adopted the breakthrough Haredi family drama “Shtisel” for US audiences.

formed from within and about the community," said Tamar El Or, a professor of anthropology at Hebrew University of Jerusalem, citing “Shababnikim's” Malka as one example.

Like the US, Israel's TV economics are also changing.

“The fact that gay men from Israel can have a kid from India or from the United States and can raise it as part of a family, as a Jewish Israeli gay family.” Yuval Eggert, the Gay Center’s executive director, drops by to join in the conversation. Also shmoozing with the crowd is Itai Pinkas, a former Tel Aviv city councilman who had a child with his partner Yoav in 2010 via a surrogate from Mumbai.

He can’t stay long, since he is still on paternity leave (having just had a baby via a surrogate in India) and can barely keep his eyes open. “A gay thirty-something man with a partner and a baby or two can definitely be considered a typical Tel Aviv specimen,” he recently declared in a column for the Israeli daily .

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