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After you finished a course they would quiz you on it.

I was told I would get normal schooling since i was a senior in high school, but that was normal to them. We would have to clean and mop etc., then we had labor time. We would clean for hours and then Wren would come and put a white glove on, and if he found any dust or dirt, we would have to clean all over again.

So it was set: Meg was to leave in the next few days.

To keep everyone calm, my mother told us she was just going away for a couple of weeks. I have a twin sister who was also against this, and actually, all my family members were against this. No one believed it was a good idea to take a high school senior out of her school to go to some Scientology ranch that no one had ever even seen.

We had many different things we did, like digging a huge ditch or carrying heavy logs for firewood, and dinner and KP. We weren't allowed phone calls except on Saturday, and only family. When he asked if he could take me to lunch, they made someone from the ranch staff come along, as a chaperone. There was Jesus who was in charge of the whole place. Wren, Hugo, Matt and Megan were some of the other staffers.

The girls would go up to upper ranch at around 9pm. Some of the kids' names were Charis, Maren, Dina, Brooke, Rigel, and James.

My uncle, who is a lawyer, wanted to sue them over this, but unfortunately he got very sick. The doctor said he thought it was a tumor, so I got to leave because they thought I needed surgery.

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Everyone was asleep so first they checked my bags and then sent me to my room, which I shared with three other girls.I never would have categorized my sister as an out of control teenager or a child with behavioral problems.She was like every other high school senior, occasionally cutting class to hang out with her friends and every so often, breaking her curfew.The ranch promised to offer regular high school classes that would allow Meg to graduate even though she was leaving her high school.That made things a little better, knowing that she would not be left behind but as it turned out that was all lies, just like the rest of the stuff that they claimed to do for the kids.

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