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A couple actually told us that we were incompatible because I had tatoos. Don't tell people you are going to meet them when you have no intention of doing so. After a little over an hour, we went into the family room and had a few drinks and were talking about doing a second round.Don't act like you are a couple when you are a single male or a cheating husband. However, this didn't happen as truth or dare started. There was a new couple who was shy but even they opened up.Age is one of the norms in society and thus, I would think, one of those things that would go out the window if one is involved in swinging.I bring this point up simply to hear why age would be an issue...So when we see them in the throws of passion (since I'm such an illiterate schmuck, the word fucking would suffice) we have a different view and a different "perspective".If we are also, and at the sme time engaged with the guy's wife we may also get that little feeling of naughtiness added to the voyeuristic sense we experience.

I mean if the lady is leaving 2 trails behind her, in the sand and she is getting her nipples scraped by that sand AND her plates are dirty and falling out and she had halatosis... unless one is in the same home with her and she snuck into your room and gave you oral sex while you were asleep.On the other end of that when people are "too young" .Are they out of diapers, eat solid food, over the legal age in your neck of the woods, and know what sex is and they have not stopped any clocks or watches in their immediate vacinity... I use the word game because it also denotes play which is what swingers call sex with others, other than their spouse....Anybody ever "played" (swinger-wise) while in costumes?I'm thinking it would take Cosplay to a WHOLE new level!

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