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American officials, in keeping with senior Bush administration policy at the moment, are being careful not to predict any kind of intelligence bonanza about the Iraqi resistance beyond what already flowed from briefcase of documents captured along with the vanquished despot on Saturday.

Indeed, with news on Thursday that the administration’s chief weapons sleuth, David Kay, is returning to private life after his next WMD report, you might think the Bush administration is happy at this point to allow the controversy over what it said before the war and what appears to be true now that American troops control Iraq simply fade away.

He offers the occasional cigarette, assures Saddam it can all be over very soon if he would just come clean. He speaks in a loud voice, always in English, followed by the murmur of the translator’s voice, who sometimes adds “I have never seen him this way, you must excuse him.” Physically imposing, the second man is in shirt sleeves. “Three days or so with guys like this, and tough nuts begin to crack,” says the former intelligence officer, who spoke on condition of anonymity. That’s when you offer the deal, just when the brain begins to overwhelm the will tough it out.” Should Saddam Hussein lead American search teams to a WMD smoking gun, even a small one, election 2004 is over before it’s over, no matter what Yogi Berra says.

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“There are precedents for deceiving the likes of a Saddam during CIA interrogations.” Tanter cites the case of CIA defector Edmund Wilson in 1982, who was lured back to the United States with false promises that he would not be jailed. However, others note that redemption is a big theme of Bush’s life. “Bush doesn’t have to forgive Saddam, but showing mercy sometimes is a lot better way to impress the world with your power.” There are other reasons the Bush administration might rationalize such a plea. In spite of deputy defense secretary Paul Wolfowitz’s deviously timed decision to cut the Germans, French and Russians out of post-war contract bidding earlier this month, the White House clearly is trying to rebuild bridges to these nations.

“Reagan forgave Hinckley, and the Pope forgave his assassin, and that made a lasting impression on a lot of people,” says the U. One simple way to break Saddam’s date with the hangman, and at the same time conceding to a demand that even the British are making, would be to insist that the Iraqi court proceed under the rules that govern international war crimes tribunals convened by the United Nations, which no longer administer the death penalty.

Some potential was kept and supported in case the opportunity arose in the future to once again try to dominate the region, but this was not a major effort.” The Bush administration, enjoying the prospect of an improving economy, a possibly diminishing casualty rate in Iraq and a Democratic field of presidential hopefuls tearing at each other’s flesh, may choose to ride out the “WMD controversy” and hope a combination of good news elsewhere and attention deficit disorder among the American public will make it all irrelevant.Good cop, bad cop The question will always linger in some minds, however, and many of them the most dangerous minds to a seated American president.So, should Bush decide to explore some kind of deal, how might it play out?Well Free Sex Meet just made meeting for sex really easy.Just enter some basic details like your email address and zip code to go through the quick and easy registration process.

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